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Cricket is one of the hot games now a days that is being loved on a global scale. In recent years, we have witnessed entries of new teams from many countries that has elevated the insanity for this game in every nation. Whenever a new series is on, game lovers start planning their schedules in compliance with the match timings. A large number of cricket lovers travel worldwide to support their favorite teams and players. They take the success of their beloved cricketers as their own success and enjoy if to fullest. This insanity and love of fans has inspired every cricketer to keep going and perform at their best in every match. As a result of this unique bonding, a lot of crickets have made numerous world records. We are sharing one such record list with the highest number of centuries made by cricketers during their career. We hope that you will enjoy this information and share with your friend circle. Lets have a look at the top cricket century makers:

1. Sachin Tendulkar: Commonly praised as the cricket of GOD, this master blaster holds the records of most centuries on the globe, a records that looks unbeatable. In his career from 1989 - 2013, Sachin has made 51 Test centuries and 49 ODI centuries which takes it to a total of 100, voila!, a Century of centuries. A remarkable achievement that has never been seen and may be even be seen ever again.

2. Ricky Ponting: The Australian cricket team enjoyed best tenure of their cricketing under this man. He has captained the team in a large number of matches and secured outstanding performance both as a captain and a cricketer. He holds 41 test centuries and 30 ODI centuries, that sums up to 71 centuries from 1995-2012.

3. Kumar Sangakkara: He is another successful captain from Sri Lankan team. Under his captaincy, Sri Lanka has achieved a good wining record. He scored 38 Test centuries and 25 International Centuries, 63 centuries in all scored from 2000-2015.

4. Jacques Kallis: He is a remarkable shot hitter who brought a lot of wins to the South African team with his great batting as well as overall performance. He secured 45 Test centuries and 17 ODI centuries, a total of 62 centuries scored from 1995 - 2014.

5. Mahela Jayawardene: He is another master shot player from Sri Lanka having capabilities to hit finest shots with perfect placement. He holds 34 Test centuries and 19 ODI centuries, 1 T20 century, summing up to 54 centuries scored from 1997-2015.

The list of top century scorers is very long, let as have a quick look at other century blasters:

6. Brian Lara, West Indies (1990-2007): 53 centuries (Test - 34, ODI - 19).

7. Hashim Amla, South Africa (2004-2017): 51 centuries (Test - 26, ODI - 25).

8. Rahul Dravid, India (1996-2012): 48 centuries (Test - 36, ODI - 12).

9. AB de Villiers, South Africa (2004-2017): 45 centuries (Test - 21, ODI - 24).

10. Virat Kohli, India (2008-2017): 44 centuries (Test - 16, ODI - 28).

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