Top 10 Free Best Camera Applications (Available on Play Store)

Harsh Kukreja 14-05-2018 461
Best and Free Camera apps
Everybody needs a camera to capture their life's beautiful and extraordinary extraordinary moments.In This Era of technology instead of carrying a separate camera we all have camera embedded with smart-phones. Not all, but many of us rely on our smartphones to do things like recording, reminder, alarm, gaming capturing images and videos.
Its not enough to have a smart-phone with  good camera of higher MP(mega-pixels).Without a camera app with latest filters you will not able to capture best kind of pictures.
Thankfully there are a lot of camera applications on the App stores which provide much better features than your default camera applications.
Due to this wide availability of Camera apps it may sometimes be confusing to choose the best option for your device.
so, we have a list of best camera applications available free on play store.But this list isn't in order of preferences.You can choose any of them which set best for your device.

1.Camera FV-5
a. It brings DSLR manual photography control to Android users.
b. It provide you with full control over ISO, light metering focus, white balance, shutter speed,etc.
c. Its features are very easy to handle.

2.Camera MX
a. It gives you complete control of resolution and provides clear visuals that ensure sharp images.
b. with camera MX we can create animated photos and videos and add tons of effects, filters, frames etc.
c. Main feature of this camera is live shots, GIF, gallery & shoot the past.

3.Open Camera
a. It is a light-weight camera application for android users.
b. It  supports features like focus mode, scene modes, auto-stabilizer, HD video recording & HDR.
c. GUI can efficiently optimize for left and right-handed users.

4.Candy Camera
a. Its wide range of filters make it special for capturing pictures as well as for editing.
b. In this app you can also make collage of multiple photos.
c. It is best application for those who have addiction of taking selfies.

5. Cymera
a. It have sevn fascinating camera lenses, camera stabilization, timer,and a silent mode.
b. It have latest filters and smart gallery.
c. It supports 12 different languages.

6.Camera ZOOM FX
a. It have action shots, stable shots, photo composition features.
b. Manual control of DSLR available.
c. It have a killer speed burst mode, HDR mode pro, Spy Camera, voice activation, live effects ets.

7.Z camera
a. It also have large number of filters and editing tools.
b. It gives you flexibility in features like you  can preview the effects before applying them.
c. It is a paid application but a free version is also available on  play store.

8.A better Camera
a. With great flexibility in control it provide feature like HDR, Panorama, night camera and more.
b. Best shot mode is great great feature founded in this application which actually provides best shot from Series of shots.
c.Its premium version unlocks more amazing features.

a. It have unique effects which are completely free for use.
b. At starting you will find this application difficult to use but after exploring its features you will able to take best photographs.
c. It also include motion stickers, in app photo gallery and great photo editor.

10.Footej Camera
a. It is a newest camera application on play store.
b. Slow motion recording is plus feature of this application.
c.  The app is free with in-app purchases.

Now try any or all of them and keep that one which meet your requirement.

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