Ram Madhav assured of security : Amarnath Yatra Attack

Er. Shobhit Gupta 12-07-2017 575
amarnath yatra attack
Amarnath Yatra has been one of the biggest religious place for pilgrims from Hindu as well as other community people for years. People from all over the nation as well as abroad spends months to prepare for this pure destination and start their journey happily with the image of Lord Amarnath (Lord Shiva) in their hearts. Youngsters as well as aged people participate in this Yatra in high numbers.

Recently pilgrims faced a brutal terrorist attack when terrorists targeted a bus having around 60 people in it. Out of their blind firing, seven people were killed while 19 other were injured. The attacks have been disparaged by people, media as well as politicians from all over the world. 

The BJP leader in-charge of Jammu and Kashmir has stated that there has been no security lapse in the sector. Although the military is always ready and takes adequate safety measures, it just takes a moment and a single chance for the terrorists to achieve inhumanity. Mr. Madhav is assured of security arrangements but still asked the military to be more active and ensure that no more chances are given to terrorists.

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