NASA says, Power from SUN will be directed to Earth through in-Space Solar Panels and Laser

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earth powered from space

Current Sources of Power Generation

Power is one of the key requirements of humanity today. From household to industries , from medical to scientific research, demand of power is increasing day by day. Today the electricity generation is dependent on thermal, hydro power plants and wind mills but these sources have their limitations like non-renewable resource and weather conditions. 

So there is a regular demand of searching and implementing better power generation alternatives that are natural, renewable and environment safe.

The new idea

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has been consistently working on space exploration and other major discoveries including power generation from the most powerful and reliable source of energy, The Sun.

Recently NASA has announced that they are planning to generate power from the solar light of the space and send it to earth in the form of beam. The team of scientists at NASA has proposed to fit a new flexible solar panel on the International space station already in space. The solar panels will be used as a part of the system that would capture solar power and then send it on earth.

How the idea will work

1. NASA will send a flexible system into space which will contain self-assembling satellites, reflector and a microwave or laser power transmitter.

2.Reflectors or inflatable mirrors will spread in the space covering a wide area.

3.These reflectors will direct the solar radiation onto attached solar panels.

4.The panels will then convert solar power into either a microwave or a laser.

5.This microwave or laser will be directed down to earth in the form of an uninterrupted power beam.

6.On earth, power receiving stations will capture the power beams and send it to electric grid from where the power will be further distributed.

Why this idea is so reliable

There are several reasons that encouraged scientists to work on this system. Some of them are:

- Solar radiations are renewable source of energy and are almost everlasting for numerous upcoming generations.

- Every hour, more solar energy reaches the earth than humans can use in a year.

- About 30% of the energy is reflected back into the space by the atmosphere which can also be used from space.

- Sun is emitting power 24*7 tirelessly. In space, there are no clouds and atmosphere. There is no night in the sky. So, satellite based solar panels would be able to transmit continuous and way more energy than terrestrial solar panels.

Thus, this idea of NASA is expected to be a revolution in the field of power generation and can really server the society for a long time.

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