Florence | Closest Asteroid encounter with Earth since 1890

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asteroid closest to earth
Asteroids – the minor planets are small air less rocky worlds revolving around the sun especially in the inner solar system. They are also known as planetoids. Asteroids are the leftovers from the formation of our solar system which was formed about 4.6 billion years ago. They revolve around the sun in elliptical orbits. There are millions of asteroids present.

The asteroids vary in their size, shape and mass. They are irregular in shape and often pitted or cratered. Despite of their size, Asteroids can be dangerous. Many hit our Earth in past and more can crash in the future. An asteroid is cable of doing a global disaster like tsunamis, earth quakes and even a large dust storm that can create nuclear winters. This is the reason why scientists are studying about asteroids from past 20 years. So that we are aware of if any asteroid is heading towards us.

Latest update

With the constant watch scientists at NASA found that an Asteroid named Florence is coming in the neighborhood of earth. According to them there are more than 880 giant asteroids zipping around us. Florence is one of the biggest asteroids and if it crashed into earth it would cause serious consequences for humanity. But there is no reason for alarm because it passes through from a safe distance (7 million km).

Instead it is matter of * that such a big (4.4km) asteroid come so near to earth that can be watched from small telescopes. Florence is the largest asteroids in 20 years study of asteroids. The asteroid is named in honour of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern Nursing. Florence was discovered by Australian scientist Schelte Bus in March 1981. The last appearance of Florence was in 1890 that is 127 years back. It will brighten in Late August and early September and can be seen for several nights but it was closest to earth on September 1. 

Specifications of our new guest

Size- 4.4 km
Closeness from Earth- 7 million km
Date of closeness- 1 Sep
Visibility- Visible in Late august to early September 

Next Asteroid

The next asteroid 2012 TC4 will pass within 50100 km of earth on October 12, 2017. But this one is very small in size only 15 m across. 2012 TC4 is the first known asteroid that will pass twice in a row from a distance less than 1 lunar distance from earth. 

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