Cosmic Hero : Stephen Hawking Dies. Really?

Er. Shobhit Gupta 14-03-2017 539
stephen hawking
Its unbelievable but the world popular physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking has died, as reported by his family. Stephen Hawking was a renowned cosmology researcher and space scientist who has devised numerous theories about stange happening in the universe. His most popular work was on Black Holes and Relativity that has allowed the modern space science to understand the existence and proceedings of the objects in universe. Stephen Hawking also wrote several books including A Brief History of Time. It has always been a wonder to see how Hawking worked with a dead body. He was an example of strength that humans have deep inside in their souls. The story started from the early years of his adulthood when Stephen was diagnosed with a rare and severe neurological disorder. This disease resulted in a fully paralyzed body wherein on a finger could be slightly moved and just eye balls could be rolled. He was then given a living time of just few years. Since then, Stephen has fought every challenge in the life and has survived for another 50+ years just with a moving and finger and rolling eye ball. Speaking of this as a Miracle will not be wrong but this actually shows how strong we can be and what we can achieve with the least we have. He was the one to set out the theory of cosmology wherein he was able to unite relativity with quantum mechanics. Black Holes, Black Hole leak energy, Hawking radiation are just a few researches our of the huge box he has given to our science. Brilliance, Courage, Persistence, Power, Genius are some of the tags that have always and will always stay with the name of this great personality. He was considered next to Albert Einstein. We pay tribute to this great scientist and we believe that he is not dead, rather, he has just left his non-working body to have a tour of the Cosmos on his own. May his soul Rest in Cosmos.

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