Bihar Politics shaken | Laalu vs Nitish

Er. Shobhit Gupta 28-07-2017 543
nitish goes with bjp
In the ongoing week, the Indian Politics has shown another major turning point that has called up serious attention nationwide. Since independence, we Indians have witnessed a lot of political ups and downs and dramas including the controversy between Akhilesh Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav. This time, the page is turned upside down in Bihar when X-CM Mr. Nitish Kumar resigned from his post and on the very next day he again became the CM of Bihar, but this time with BJP alliance. 

Mr. Nitish broke his association with the BJP and joined Laalu in the recent elections. As a result of this reunion, the alliance enjoyed a big win against BJP which was the political storm at the time. Since then, the alliance was looking good but in recent months, we witnessed close association of Nitish with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at various events. We also saw how Nitish supported the decisions and candidates of BJP while other leaders supported Opposition. The controversy of Tejasvi Yadav, the son of Laalu Prasad, proved to be the decisive factor for this alliance resulting in re-alliance of JD(U) with BJP. 

After the CBI case and inquiry against Deputy CM Tejasvi Yadav, the gap between Nitish and Laalu grew tremendously and finally ended up with the resignation of Nitish Kumar resulting in de-powering of Government. Immediately following his resignation, Nitish Kumar prepared to be re-powered again as the Governor invited him to take the oath as a new CM on having adequate support of MLAs as demanded by the Indian Constitution. After taking the oath, Nitish Kumar is again the CM of Bihar. However, several questions have been raised in the media and are a point of discussion another society.

Some people are saying this is a fixed match since elections. People are saying that it was already decided between BJP and JD(U) to get separated, make a new alliance, make the government, and once power is in hands with the majority, break the alliance and bring the power back to BJP.

Some other people are saying that Nitish played a perfect game here by first uniting with Laalu, getting powered and then join with BJP to stay empowered even in next elections.

Many people are referring this to the pure heart of Nitish Kumar. They commented that it is his will to fight against corruption. Once he found himself helpless in keeping his government pure, he immediately resigned and joined the hands of pure side.

Whatever the backend story is, we find this twist of Indian politics really interesting and will keep an eye on the proceedings. If you have any suggestions or words to share, Comment section is always open for you. Share your views in the comments below.

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