Amazing facts about our solar family

Er. Shobhit Gupta 16-08-2017 719
facts about solar system
Solar system is one of the biggest mysteries for astro scientists till date. We have encountered planets, satellites, asteroids, comets and many other strange bodies that have been explored for decades and still our information is limited. Everyday astro physicists spend hours of day and night to capture snapshots of the emergence and existence of these bodies and find new opportunities to expand our existence beyond the planet Earth.

Our solar system consists of the Sun and the planetary system revolving around it. The planetary system consists of planets, dwarf planets, moons, asteroids, comets and cosmic dust. Here we have tried to summarize some cool and amazing facts of our solar family about which you haven’t read yet.

1. The sun makes up 99.8% of the total mass in our whole solar system.  

2. Sun’s outer atmosphere extends beyond its visible surface. This means we live inside the sun.

3. One day on the closest planet mercury is around 58 earth days but a year is equivalent to 88 earth days. That means on mercury one year has less than 2 days. 

4. Due to the strange orbit of mercury the sun seems to travel backward and forward in the sky.

5. Venus the second planet of solar system is hottest among all. Because mercury is so close to sun that it does not have any atmosphere to hold the heat of sun.

6. Venus spins in the opposite direction as compared to all other planets. That why it is named as black sheep of the planet world.

7. Earth the third terrestrial planet has a unique elementary composition consisting iron, Oxygen, calcium, sodium, aluminum, sulfur. This is one reason that makes life possible on earth.

8. The fifth planet Jupiter is largest among all the planets. It is 318 times bigger than the earth. It also has the largest ocean of any planet.

9. Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet too. It rotational velocity is 45300 kilometers per hour.

10. The temperature at the core of Jupiter is 43000 degrees Fahrenheit; this means that it is hotter than sun’s surface.

11. Saturn doesn’t have any solid surface that why determining its rotation speed is very difficult.

12. Even the day length of Saturn is also a mystery.

13. A season on Uranus lasts for about 42 earth years and a day is just 17 hours long.

14. Neptune is the coldest planet of our solar system.

15. The ninth planet Pluto has controversies about its existence. May be because of its size and distance from the sun.

16. Pluto an ice giant is just over 1400 miles across even smaller than USA.  

17. Other than Saturn Jupiter, Neptune and even Uranus have bright rings around them. 

18. Other than these nine planets there are four dwarf planets named as Ceres, Eris, Haumea and Makemake. 

19. Ceres is the only dwarf planet in the main part of the solar system. 

20. The farthest object in the solar system is the Oort comet cloud. It may extend to half a light year from the sun.

21. An asteroid named 243 Ida has its own moon.

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