Amazing Facts about Massive Black Holes

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black hole

Black holes are mysterious and fascinating objects that found in our universe. Black holes are the place where the gravitational force is so strong that even light cannot escape from it. They are the objects of extreme density. The reason for gravity to be so strong is that the whole matter of the star has been squeezed into a tiny space. This happens when a star is dying. Because no light can get out, people can't see black holes. Space telescopes with special tools are used to find black holes. With the help of these tools scientists can see how the strong gravity affects the stars and even gases around the black hole.

Black holes are classified on the basis of their size. 

Micro- These are smallest black holes. They are very tiny like an atom and have mass in some micrograms. 

Stellar- Stellar black holes can have the mass 20 times more than the mass of the sun. There are many stellar black holes in our galaxy “Milky Way”. These black holes are of most common type.

Super massive- It is largest in size. Its mass could be about the mass of 1million suns. These kinds of black holes exist at the center of the large galaxies. The center of Milky Way is also a Supermassive black hole named Sagittarius.

Facts about black hole

- Black holes can be as small as an atom and as big as the total mass of 1million sun.

- Black hole has only three physical properties- mass, charge and angular momentum.

- Black holes can be static or rotating.

- The singular region of the black has zero volume with infinite density.

- One cannot see black hole by naked eyes. Or you can say it is invisible.

- Scientists have estimated of having more than 10 million black holes in our milky way.

- If any star passes too close to black hole it can collapse.

- Once a black hole has formed, it can continue to grow by absorbing additional matter from the surroundings.

- Sagittarius the super massive black hole of our galaxy has the mass equal to 4 million suns. 

Formation of black hole

Present day scientists have information about the formation of stellar black holes only. The formation of other that is micro and supermassive is not known exactly. Stellar black holes are formed when star run out a nuclear fuel in their cores. The result of that is the supernova explosion, residual which is a black hole core in place of star.

How the presence of black hole detected

Astronomers infer the presence of black hole by the study of light. As light travels in the straight waves but all massive objects cause light to bend due to the gravity of the nearby object. When a black hole and stars are close together, the light emitted by them appears to be moved in an unusual manner. By studying the movement of light through satellites and telescopes, the position and mass of black hole can be determined.

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