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Er. Shobhit Gupta 22-09-2017 727
largest things in world

Our world is full of wonderful things and strange facts. Many of these facts are unknown to us. Today, we have collected a list of Largest Things in the World. We are sure that you will find these facts interesting. So let us start:

Largest Ocean --- Pacific Ocean - 155,557,000 sq km

Largest Continent --- Asia - 43,820,000 sq km (29.5% of total world land mass)

Largest Sea --- Mediterranean Sea

Largest and Deepest River --- Amazon (South America)

Largest Dessert --- Sahara Desert (Africa) - 9,200,000 Sq km

Largest Island --- Greenland

Largest Peninsula --- Arabia

Largest City --- Russia - 17098242 sq km

Largest Lake --- The Caspian Sea - 371,000 sq km

Largest Zoo --- Kruger National Park - South Africa

Largest Bird --- Ostrich

Largest Creature --- Blue whale

Largest Sea Bird --- Albatross

Largest Dome --- Astrodome (Housten U.S.A.)

Largest Library --- United State Library of Congress (Washington D.C.)

Largest Museum --- British Museum (London)

Largest Dam --- Grand Coulee Dam (U.S.A.)

Largest Park --- Yellow Stone National Park (U.S.A.)

Largest Radio Telescope --- New Mexico (U.S.A.)

Largest Delta --- Sunder ban (Bangladesh and India)

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