Alert ! Ransomware virus is back again

Er. Shobhit Gupta 30-03-2018 735
ransomware attack
Are you an Internet user and have crucial files in your computer? If Yes, then BEWARE, the Ransomware virus is back again in the new shape. Incidents have been reported in the last few days that the files in you system have started getting encrypted and locked again like it did last year. The creators of this virus are sending files in which they are instructing to try out one file decryption for free, and then you are asked to pay heavy amounts in Bitcoin for to decrypt all your data.

How It Works?

If you are not using a reliable Antivirus, then your chances of getting hacked are too high. From internet, the virus gets auto downloaded into your system because there is no reliable antivirus shield. The virus then converts your data files into .crab files which contain unusable form of your data that has been geenrated by encrypting the file with private keys known to the hacker only. Since you donot know the encryption and decryption keys, chances of getting your files recovered at your end are almost nil.

How to recover your files?

You may find some articles and videos on googling for the solution, how ever none of them claims to solve the issue with guarantee. None of the solutions will bring your files to its original form, not even the recovery tools from from reputed companies. 

One suggested way if to delete the virus from your computer by repairing the damaged registeries and then using an anti-malware software to clean up the virus files. However, you still will not be able to recover your corrupted data. You can either 

1. Recover the using through data recovery tools which can only recover the un-arranged data from images or shadows stored in your harddisk.
2. Use some tools that will try some keys on files to decrypt them and may have a chance to recover your data, but may also corrupt the files in this process. So be sure to keep a backup copy.
3. Connect with the hacker and pay heavy amounts fo ryour data recovery.

How to prevent your system?

1. Make sure you have reliable antivirus installed. The best ones are Kasper Sky Total Security, Kaspersky Internet Security and Bit Defender.
2. Keep auto scan by antivirus on both on internet, your computer and external media like pen drives and hard-disks.
3. Always scan external media before openng them.
4. Donot open malicious links. Many links may offer free money, free gifts, contest winnings or other offers but internally they may install the virus and backdoors on your system.
5. Prefer using browsers like Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox over other alrenates.
6. Keep your windows and other softwares up-to-date with security updates and patches.

Remember, when there is no cure, prevention is the only measure.

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