21 National Games of Nations Worldwide

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Sports is one of the key aspects that bring in dignity and pride for a country and the countrymen. For many people, sports teams of their country is like their family. They take the wins and looses very seriously as if they are winning or loosing their lives. 

Every country sets up a pool of sports men who plays in several games and work hard to bring medals and trophies for their nation. Giving great importance to International sports, every country declares some sports activities as their national sports and spends a lot of time and hard work on imparting quality sports skills in their players. 

National sport of a country is decided either by law or by the popularity of that sport in that place. We have tried to accumulate some information on this.

Arnis- Arnis is the form martial art, it is a weapon based fighting with sticks and knives.
Played in- Philippines  

Archery- Archery is the sports of bows and arrow. It plays significant role in history as it is used for hunting and survival.
Played in- Bhutan, Mongolia  

Bandy- Bandy is a kind of hockey played on ice with skates and sticks. 
Played in- Russia

Base Ball- Baseball is a bat-and-ball game. In history, this game has its relevance from North America.
Played in- Cuba, Dominican Republic, United States, Venezuela

Basket Ball- This game was invented in 1891. It’s a team sport. One has to throw the ball in another team’s basket that is mounted on a 10 feet high backboard. 
Played in- Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania 

Buzkashi- It’s a horse mounted sports in which player attempts to place goat or calf in the goal.
Played in- Afghanistan

Capoeira- It is the Afro-Brazilian martial art combined with dance and music. Capoeira was evolved during the colonial times by slaves in 16th century.
Played in- Brazil

Cricket- cricket is again a bat-and-ball game played on the field by 2 teams with 11 players each. Cricket is the most popular game of today’s era.
Played in- Antigua, Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Norway

Football- football is a team game in which players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands or arms while playing. Football is referenced by different names in different places like association football, soccer, rugby football and many more.
Played in- Denmark, England, Israel, Mauritius 

Golf- Golf was known to be originated six centuries ago in the Scotland. It is a ball and club sport played by hitting the ball towards the series of holes in minimum number of strokes.
Played in- Scotland

Gymnastics- Gymnastics finds its origin from ancient Greek. It’s a sport of performing exercises with almost all parts of the body. It requires a lot of strength, flexibility, endurance control and grace.
Played in- Switzerland 

Hockey- Field hockey is the game played with a stick used to hit the ball. The golden era of Indian hockey was from 1928-1956 when India won 6 gold medals successively in Olympics
Played in – India, Pakistan

Kabaddi- This game is very popular in Indian subcontinent. In this one team raids in court of another team in a single breathe and opponent team is to tackle that raider and prevent him from returning to his court.
Played in- Bangladesh

Pato- Pato is the national game of Argentina since 1956.In this game player sits on horseback and put a live duck in the basket.  
Played in- Argentina

Rugby- Rugby is the team sport in which player carries the oval shaped ball towards the goal posts. This game is popular all around the world.
Played in- Georgia, Madagascar, New Zealand, Wales

Sumo Wrestling- In this Rikishi (wrestlers) try to push one another out of the ring or make him touch the ground other than the sole of feet.
Played in- Japan

Table Tennis- It is an indoor game played on a table. In China table tennis is most popular that is why it is considered as its national sports yet it is not formally declared. 
Played in- China

Tae kwon do- Tae Know do is claimed to have its origin from Korean peninsula. It is a form of martial art specialized in head height, spinning and fast kicking techniques.
Played in- Korea

Tejo- Tejo also known as lesser degree is a traditional sport of Colombia. It’s a kind of disc throwing game.
Played in- Colombia

Volley Ball- it is a team sport with 6 players in each team.  A Team tries to ground the ball in other team court a crossing the net.
Played in- Nepal, Sri Lanka

Wrestling- wrestling is competitive full contact sports. It has various forms like freestyle wrestling, folk wrestling, and some more.
Played in- America, Iran, Turkey

We hope you must have enjoyed this comprehensive list of International sports. Stay tuned for more ...

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